Sharon’s experience

Sharon - Bell's palsy recovery story

“My name is Sharon and I’m 62. I live on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada. I am retired. I have Bell’s Palsy on my left side. It started shortly after a bike ride on a cool spring evening.
I heard of the clinic through the doctor who applied the Botox. He heard of the clinic at a conference and suggested I explore it. I made an inquiry directly to the clinic. This was 8 years after my Bell’s Palsy. It was important to me to try this approach because after all that time I was still self conscious and avoided photographs and speaking in public.
I was nervous for my first visit, and I thought I knew a lot about synkinesis from my reading, but I learned that much of my information was incorrect. I was encouraged when the testing showed that I had nerve activity in all the weak muscles. My first treatment helped to relax the tight areas. I felt the difference after 1 treatment, but it was not obvious in my expressions until 2 treatments. I have had 4 treatments over 6 months. I have a more balanced expression in a relaxed state, and I’m working on my smile. My eye movement has improved, and it stays more open. My affected side has more movement and shows some wrinkles like my regular side. The tight muscles in my cheek are mostly relaxed and comfortable, so I don’t feel the block that restricted the mouth. I am able to blow out, and close my lips better.
I would recommend the clinic and wish I had started earlier. After 8 years, there is a lot of tightness to overcome and re-training of muscles.
– Sharon”