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Our Patients

Journeys of our patients

Some of our patients want to share their experience, to inspire and to give hope.

All our patients are very different – they come from different cultures, different backgrounds, they speak different languages and have different traditions. Yet, they all come to us with the same wish – to bring back their Smiles.

It is not just a physical smile, it is also a smile within them – a genuine, radiating and warm smile that lights up hearts. Facial palsy affects more than just an ability to control facial muscles. It affects your wish to smile to others, to interact and to live a full life.

Having developed a way to reduce the physical manifestations of residuals and complications of facial palsy, it became our mission to use this method to bring back the lost Smiles.

Every day, we work together with our patients guiding, teaching and supporting them on the journey to bring back their Smiles.

Crystal Touch Wall of Honor
Portraits of some of our patients on the "Wall of Honor" in our clinic.

Our patients come to us from around the World. Here is a map showing where some of our patients are from.

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Stories of recovery

All our patients started their recovery journeys just like any of you – unsure and scared. They had a strong motivation to change their current situation for the better. Working hard together with our specialists, they managed to achieve positive results and bring their smiles back. Here you can find their stories – how they started, what their recovery journey was like, and what results they achieved.

Short stories