About Crystal Touch clinic

At Crystal Touch, our mission is to achieve maximal recovery for every patient with complications of a long-standing Bell’s Palsy.

In short, our mission is to bring back Smiles.

We achieve this through specialized rehabilitation programs and by sharing our knowledge in Bell’s Palsy Knowledge Base.

Crystal Touch Bell's Palsy Clinic

Brings back your Smile!

Our history

Crystal Touch was founded in Rotterdam, The Netherlands by Elena Pashova, a dermatologist with more than 25 years of experience. Since 2008 we provide rehabilitation for patients with complications after Bell’s palsy and conduct scientific research aimed at establishing the actual causes of the most frequent complications of Bell’s palsy: synkinesis, tightness of facial muscles and related facial pains.

In the clinic, we have developed the method of Neuro-Proprioceptive Rehabilitation (NPR). This method addresses both aesthetic and therapeutic issues arising from complications of Bell’s palsy. NPR method improves the quality and symmetry of facial movements, general appearance, and the functioning of facial muscles and tissues. The systematic application of this method substantially improves the quality of life of our patients.

Our tasks

The main focus of the clinic is to provide rehabilitation to its patients. In addition, Crystal Touch Clinic is committed to further scientific research of Bell’s palsy complications.

We also make available and easily understandable the extensive knowledge and our findings about the causes of Bell’s palsy, its recovery, complications and modern efficient treatments and methods of rehabilitation.

We share this knowledge in our Bell’s Palsy Knowledge Base and in Video Courses.

Scientific aspirations

The interest in the medical and academic field for Bell’s palsy in the world is very limited, as it is not considered life-threatening. Academic and medical aspirations receive limited funding for this topic.

Although facial palsy is not life-threatening, we know from our patients how life-changing and devastating it can be. Therefore, we decided to devote our own financial resources and efforts for this matter.

We publish and present any relevant research in scientific papers and during international neurological congresses. We have presented our scientific work in the World and European Congresses for NeuroRehabilitation.

Our specialists have developed an objective instrumental measurement method of Synkinetic Correlation. This method allows us to measure synkinesis as well as contractures of facial muscles and to objectively monitor the efficacy of various treatments and rehabilitation techniques for Bell’s palsy.

At the current stage, we are continuing our research into the origins of synkinesis and other complications after facial palsy before final findings can be presented.

Important: Crystal Touch Clinic is not a medical institution. We are a private aesthetic clinic. We provide a non-invasive rehabilitation after peripheral facial palsy based on our Neuro-Proprioceptive Rehabilitation methodology.

We are not a medical institution, and we do not prescribe medications, physical therapy nor other treatments, which are the prerogative of medical institutions. We do not use any injections nor surgery.


Our clinic is located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. At the moment, we do not operate or work with specialists from other institutions. 

If you are unable to travel to The Netherlands for your treatments, we might be able to work with you online. Please contact us or register for a video consultation to find out what is possible in your case.

Unfortunately, as we are not a medical institution, our services are not covered by conventional medical insurance. 

Some insurances may have allowances for alternative treatments. Please consult directly with your insurance provider if our services can be compensated in full or in part.

We do not provide any treatment or medications for the acute stage of facial palsy. You should speak with your doctor for that.

When we start working with patients depends on each case. Our clinic specializes in reducing or eliminating any complications and residuals after facial palsy. Therefore, we need to wait until your natural recovery finishes to see which, if any, complications and residuals may develop. Unfortunately, there is no known sure way to prevent them from developing in the first place.

You can read our Knowledge Base or register for a video consultation if you want advice on what to do until then.

Yes, absolutely. The amount of time that passed since your Bell’s palsy (or Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and other peripheral facial palsy) does not influence your possibility for recovery.

The possibilities of your recovery depend on the initial damage to the facial nerve, its regeneration and subsequent treatments that were followed (such as surgery). Your results will also depend on your motivation and readiness to devote your time and efforts for your rehabilitation. We will be supporting and guiding you during every step.

The Neuro-Proprioceptive Rehabilitation method was developed by our specialist Elena Pashova, and therefore it is only practiced in Crystal Touch Clinic.

At the moment, we do not have any outside specialists practicing our method. In the future we have plans to educate other specialists in the use of Neuro-Proprioceptive Rehabilitation method.