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Crystal Touch Bell's Palsy Clinic is one of the world's leading providers of non-invasive solutions for residuals and complications after long-standing facial palsy. We provide rehabilitation programs for patients after facial palsies.
If you suffer from any complications and residuals after long-standing facial palsy, contact us and together we will see how we can bring back your Smile.

Bell's Palsy Knowledge Base

Acute facial and bell's palsy

Acute Facial & Bell’s palsy: what to do, what not to do and what to expect?

In this article, we discuss what happens to the facial nerve during the facial palsy. How does the facial nerve become damaged? How the severity of the damage affects the recovery?

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Facial Nerve - Bell's palsy

Facial nerve – a cable with 10,000 wires

Let's look at what the facial nerve is like. What does it consist of? How does it function? What is a conduction block of the facial nerve and why does it happen?

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Facial Nerve - Bell's palsy

Bell's Palsy: “The story of a broken cable”

We have created this video to help those of you who are going through the acute phase so you can understand better what is happening and what you can expect.

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Macial Muscles - Bell's palsy

Muscles of facial expressions

What function each facial muscle perform? Which muscles are responsible for a crooked smile? Let's take a look at each facial muscle.

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Bell's Palsy Video Course

Our Bell’s palsy educational video course provides a clear and elaborate knowledge about facial and Bell’s palsy, as well as its complications and residuals. We have made these videos to help explain complex anatomical explanations with the help of visual animations.
(Currently available in English language with English and Portuguese subtitles)

Bell's palsy video course

Our Method of Rehabilitation

Bell's Palsy Rehabilition: Before and After

Crystal Touch Neuro-Proprioceptive Rehabilitation method is based on 25 years of experience and 8 years of scientific research. Application of this non-invasive method successfully reverses most of the complications of long-standing Bell's Palsy. We address synkinesis, contractures of facial muscles, related facial pains, excessive tearing and dynamic facial asymmetry.

Our Specialists

Elena Pashova Crystal Touch


Founder, Rehabilitation Specialist
Founder of Crystal Touch Clinic and the creator of Neuro-Proprioceptive rehabilitation method.
Alex Pashov Crystal Touch


Co-Founder, Researcher & Analyst
Co-founder of Crystal Touch Clinic, conducts scientific research and analysis, presents scientific discoveries.
Jana Fialova Crystal Touch

Jana Fialova

Rehabilitation Specialist
Provides rehabilitation to patients, assists in Humanitarian projects and seminars.
Michael Lysoy Crystal Touch

Michael Lysoy

Rehabilitation Specialist
Provides rehabilitation to patients, assists in Humanitarian projects and seminars.

Scientific Work

At Crystal Touch we conduct our own scientific research on complications after long-standing facial palsy and their recovery. The biggest attention is devoted to synkinesis.  Our research and the results of our patients support our belief that synkinesis is reversible. We present our results at various congresses and conferences, as well as written publications.
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Latest publications:

Participation in WCN

Presentation on synkinesis at World Congress of Neurology 2019 in Dubai, UAE

During this presentation we propose a new paradigm in the rehabilitation of synkinesis. The new paradigm is based on our view of the underlying cause of synkinesis.

Watch the video or read the article about the presentation

Participation in WCNR

Presentation at WCNR 2016, Philadelphia – The Origin of Synkinesis

In our presentation in Philadelphia we discuss our view on the cause of synkinesis. We also discuss why currently accepted theories about what causes synkinesis could be misleading.

Watch the video or read the article about the presentation

Nerve Conduction study for synkinesis

Scientific article: Nerve Conduction Study

This scientific publication covers our method of objectively measuring the conductivity of facial nerve during and after the regeneration process after facial palsy. This method also lets us measure and record synkinesis.

Read the full publication here

From our Patients

Inspirational recovery stories

Stories of our patients

Some of our patients agreed to share their full stories of recoveries – from how it started to how the process was and what results they have achieved.

What our patients say about us


Reborn! That is the first word that comes into my head. I don’t bother anymore and I never lose the “control” of my face.

The Netherlands


Straight away I noticed a difference. Before my face was very tense. Already after the first treatment it became much more relaxed!

The Netherlands


I was encouraged when the testing showed that I had nerve activity in all the weak muscles. I would recommend the clinic and wish I had started earlier.



Crystal Touch developed an innovative, really professionally simple, effective therapy program to my disease with clear instructions for home life.


Crystal Touch Clinic

Elena Pashova taught me a lot of everyday’s exercises that help improve my facial problems. Even after 25 years it is still possible to do a lot with the results of my disease.


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