Online Bell’s Palsy Consultation

Online Consultation is a one-on-one video session with our Bell’s palsy expert and specialist, Alex Pashov.

This session’s purpose is to analyze in details the current condition of your facial nerve and facial muscles, as well as answer your questions.

During the online consultation, we will dive into the details of what further recovery you can expect and what you need to do for that.

It does not matter how long has passed since your facial palsy – if it happened 1 month ago or 30 years. Your recovery prospects depend on the initial damage to the facial nerve and your readiness to work to bring back your smile.

Alex Pashov

The online session is conducted by Alex Pashov, Crystal Touch co-founder and the leader of our scientific research team.

Neuro-Rehabilitation specialist and MSc by education, Alex is conducting private scientific research into Bell’s palsy and synkinesis. He presents our results at International congresses, maintains active world-wide correspondence with Bell’s Palsy sufferers in all continents, as well as with Scientific institutions in various countries. Alex has many years of experience working with our patients and performing facial palsy diagnostics.

Details of Online Bell's Palsy Consultation

During the video consultation, you will speak one-on-one with Alex Pashov, who will explain the details of your current condition, answer your questions, explain the prognosis for your further recovery, as well as give you recommendations on what you can do to improve your condition.

This is also the first step if you wish to follow and learn more about a full rehabilitation program, either in the clinic or online.

Details: ZOOM video call of approximately 40 minutes, €95,-.

The online consultation will be helpful to you if:

  • you are suffering from a long-term peripheral facial palsy for several months or years (including Bell’s palsy and Ramsay Hunt syndrome)
  • you have visible residuals and complications such as synkinesis, facial asymmetry, facial pains, contractures, muscle weakness, excessive tearing, facial muscles fatigue, etc.
  • you want to understand better what recovery is possible in your case, even after 10, 20 or more years since your facial palsy

Online Video Consultation is also included as a gift with the purchase of the Bell’s Palsy Video Courses.

If you do not wish to register for a video call, you can request a limited report of our analysis to be sent to you by email. This option is free.

Since we are not able to see your face in the dynamics and speak with you directly, we are unable to provide the same in-depth level of assessment in the email. The email report will include short explanations regarding your current condition and future recovery.

Please note: We are unable to provide an email report if less than 6 weeks has passed since your facial palsy, or if your case is very complicated. In this case, we will request you to register for video consultation.


The email commentary provides a short analysis of your current situation, sent to you by email. Email is a good option if you would like to receive some clarity, but do not need a lot of explanation.

The video consultation is an in-depth and detailed analysis. It is done as a video call over Zoom. This is the most beneficial option if you would like to receive an in-depth explanation about your current condition and learn what your recovery possibilities are, either with a rehabilitation program or without.

Once your registration is completed, we will send a separate email with a request to complete your payment. We accept the payments with a credit card, TransferWise and direct bank transfer. Some transaction fees may apply depending on your choice of payment. It is also possible to pay with PayPal, but higher transaction fees may apply.

After your registration and payment confirmation, we will email you with the earliest possible appointment date and time. Afterwards, we will discuss with you other appointment choices if the suggested date or time are not suitable for you.

After the initial confirmation and payment, no refund is issued if you cancel your video call. This is because our specialists begin to analyze your condition from the moment we receive your confirmation. If you cancel your video session, we will send you your analysis by email.

We speak English, Dutch, Ukrainian and Russian. You can fill in the registration form in English, Dutch, Ukrainian or Russian, and we will respond in that language.

If you do not speak any of these languages, please find someone to join you during the video call to help you with translation.