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Our Specialists

Our specialists are here to guide and help you. With many years of experience, our specialists will make sure that you feel comfortable and confident, that you can improve your condition and bring back your Smile.

Crystal Touch Specialists
Elena Pashova

Elena Pashova

Elena Pashova – founder of Crystal Touch Clinic and Neuro-Proprioceptive Rehabilitation method.

Dermatologist by education, she has more than 25 years of experience in aesthetics and over 10 years in the recovery of facial palsies.

Elena Pashova is the main therapist in Crystal Touch Bell’s Palsy Clinic. Every day, Elena provides treatment sessions in Rotterdam clinic to our international patients arriving from all over the world. 

She travels regularly to other countries to give free help to children with congenital and post-traumatic facial palsies and with complications of Bell’s palsy.

Alex Pashov

Alex Pashov

Alex Pashov – co-founder of Crystal Touch Clinic and the leader of our private scientific research. Neuro-Rehabilitation specialist and MSc by education, he is involved in scientific work, presents our results at International congresses, maintains active world-wide correspondence with Bell’s Palsy sufferers and with the scientific institutions in various countries.

One of Alex’s mission is to educate facial and Bell’s palsy sufferers about their condition. He shares his knowledge in the Bell’s Palsy Knowledge Base and in Bell’s Palsy Video Courses.

Jana Fialova Crystal Touch

Jana Fialova

Jana Fialova has first joined the clinic in 2012. Her fascination with the results achieved by our patients has inspired her to do more. In 2017 she completed the two years training in Neuro-Proprioceptive Rehabilitation. Since then, she is working as a full-time specialist.

Jana has a special talent of compassion, of listening and understanding the patient’s subtle imbalances both in the physiology of facial expressions and in his or her emotional state. Jana can also explain complex matters in an easy-to-understand language and in a well-structured manner.

Michael Lysoy

Michael Lysoy

Before joining Crystal Touch, Michael Lysoy already had an impressive record of helping patients with emotional and psychological issues while working within NHS structure in London, UK.

His degree in psychology helps him to better understand and to properly address deep-rooted emotional imbalances and changes in self-esteem of our patients who are confronted with residuals and complications of long-standing facial palsy.