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Terms & Conditions: Online Bell’s Palsy Consultation

Last updated on Feb 23, 2021.
Upon registering for “Online Bell’s Palsy Consultation” You enter into an official agreement with Crystal Touch, herein called “Online Consultation agreement” or just “agreement”. The following terms apply to the agreement:

Definitions: herein “You” refers to the person who has submitted the registration to Crystal Touch. “Crystal Touch” refers to Crystal Touch B.V. (Beursplein 37, Postbox 30170, 3001DD Rotterdam, The Netherlands) and all its employees. “Video Consultation” refers to a paid analysis option whereby the analysis is discussed over a live video call. “Email Report” refers to a free analysis sent to the registree by email. “Contractors” refer to any person or company working with Crystal Touch. “Online Consultation” refers to an online assessment of your condition, including both “Video Consultation” and “Email Report”. “Registration” refers to the process of filling in the contact form on the “Online Bell’s Palsy Consultation” page and subsequent communication via email or other means up to the point when the Online Consultation is carried out and after.

Personal information handling: By registering, You give Crystal Touch Your permission to store and handle internally (within Crystal Touch employees and contractors) the information submitted by You during the registration and subsequent communication (including all emails, messages, video recordings, photographs, documents and any other data and information sent by You to Crystal Touch). This does not give Crystal Touch permission to publicly (outside of Crystal Touch internal communication) publish this information. Crystal Touch will always require Your permission before such information can be made public.

Entire Agreement. By submitting Your registration, you enter into an agreement with Crystal Touch and this agreement supersedes and replaces any and all prior oral or written understandings or agreements between Crystal Touch and You, regarding the Online Consultation.

Service Descriptions.

  • Video Consultation: it is a video call between a Crystal Touch employee (specialist) and You. The video call has a limit of 40 minutes. The cost of a Video Consultation is charged according to the price stated on the registration page or in subsequent email communication with You. The video call can be prolonged upon the decision of the Crystal Touch employee at no additional cost to You.
    During the video call, Crystal Touch will discuss with You the results of the analysis based on the information submitted during the registration and subsequent communication by You.
  • Email Report: it is a commentary sent in a written form to Your email address submitted during the registration.

Cancellation and Refunds: Your registration can be cancelled at any time and the analysis can be stopped upon Your request. If the payment has already been made by You, Crystal Touch will not issue any refunds upon cancellation. After Your request for cancellation of the Video Consultation, the analysis will be sent to you by email, unless there will be a request by You to not send the analysis by email. If the payment was not completed, you can cancel your registration for Video Consultation without obligation to pay. In this case, the analysis will not be sent to You by email, unless explicitly requested by You after the cancellation of Video Consultation.

Modification of Online Diagnostic Session agreement terms. Crystal Touch reserves the right to modify, terminate or impose additional terms and conditions to the Online Bell’s Palsy Consultation agreement at any time by posting updated terms on this page.

Disclaimers. Crystal Touch bears no responsibility for errors in the Online Consultation, if the information submitted by You during the registration or subsequent communication was wrong or incomplete.