Marianne’s experience

“Dear Elena,
Reborn! That is the first word that comes in to my head.
The first weeks, I needed to do the exercise with closing my eyes rubbing my hands and then put my hands for my eyes, two times a day. I felt really tired and had pain all over. But after a few days it was gone.  Now I’m almost forgetting that I ever had Bell.
Sometimes when I feel a bit tired, I do the exercises again. Take my rest. And sleep really relaxed.
I enjoy life. Feel free and let my pictures taken everywhere. I don’t bother anymore and I never lose the “control” of my face.
When I feel or see that my laugh is a bit out of center, I relax immediately and start over again.
I bought new glasses. My left eye was extremely better than before. Even the cylinder was diminished.  When I feel different in the morning, I do my inner mouth massage. It helps directly. Strange enough, I bother less about all things in life. Saying I listen and try to help my friends, but after that I don’t let it get too much in to me. I’m not afraid to think the rest of the day is for me. It sounds probably a bit egoistic, but that’s not what I mean. I mean, I feel more and more I have the right to think of myself and be proud of myself.
Difficult to tell in English, but I’m sure you understand as always.
Enjoy seeing you again on Wednesday.