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Is it better to sleep on the affected side of the face after facial palsy?

We were asked, “Is it true that sleeping on the affected side of the face is better?”

In general, it does not matter whether you sleep on the side affected by Bell’s palsy or on the healthy side.

In most cases, there is no special need to prefer one side over the other. If you were affected by facial palsy or Bell’s palsy, whether you are in the acute stage or you have already recovered, and you experience some complications, you can choose to sleep on whichever side feels more comfortable for you.

In which case should you choose to sleep on the affected side?

There can be a few exceptions when you should choose to sleep on the affected side. If you feel that when you wake up, your affected side is very tense, then it might be better to try to sleep with that side on the pillow. Having your affected side on the pillow during sleep can provide it with extra warmth and touch. This may help you to wake up with less tension in your face.

In all other cases, you can choose the side which feels better for your sleep. What is important, is that you feel comfortable and relaxed and can have a good sleep and rest well. Good sleep will help your body to do its job and recover.

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