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Category: Recovery Stories

Hannah's bells palsy recovery story

Hannah’s Story

Hannah came to us form UK. She had Bell’s palsy in Jun 2015. Her recovery took a long time and she developed some complications, such as synkinesis, asymmetric smile, tightness

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Aline's congenital facial palsy recovery story

Aline’s Story

Aline is from Paraguay. She had paralysis since birth. At first, it was not a problem for her, but when she started to be bullied at school, she wanted to

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Rana's bells palsy recovery story

Rana’s Story

Rana is a PhD student from Tehran, Iran. She had Bell’s palsy in August 2014. Since then, she had developed several complications, which disturbed her study process. Furthermore, Rana’s little

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Gabriala's ramsay hunt recovery story

Gabriela’s Story

Gabriela is a TV reporter from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She had Bell’s palsy due to Ramsay Hunt syndrome (herpes zoster virus) on the left side of her face in

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