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A few words about Selective Neurolysis for the symptomatic treatment of synkinesis

If synkinesis is not due to aberrant regeneration of the nerves, then why Selective Neurolysis surgery achieve some good results?

What is Selective Neurolysis surgery?

The selective neurolysis is actually a process of destruction. During the process of selective neurolysis – with a surgical intervention – certain small branches of the facial nerve are burnt or cut through.

How does it affect synkinesis?

If parts of the facial nerve are burnt or cut, the signals, that “travel” through those destroyed nerves, do not reach your muscles. If the signals cannot reach the muscle fibres, those fibres will not engage during the movement. Therefore, the synkinetic involvement of those muscles reduces.

Of course, the regular function of that same muscle also reduces. Because not the complete signal, but only a fraction of it would reach your muscle when you want to engage it.

That’s why selective neurolysis does produce certain improvements, the same as Botox. But while Botox is temporary, selective neurolysis is forever.

At Crystal Touch Clinic, we do not use any invasive methods. Therefore, we do not use selective neurolysis in our rehabilitation.

Whether you consider selective neurolysis surgery as your solution – is your choice. We cannot say what you should and what you should not do. You have to remember that it is your face. Whatever you do with this face, is only your decision and your responsibility.

We suggest to, first, consider and inform yourself well about all the options that are available to you, and only then make up your mind.

Causes of synkinesis

If you would like to learn more about why at Crystal Touch we believe that aberrant regeneration is not the cause of synkinesis, take a look at our Scientific Work. There you will find the articles and videos of presentations about our research on synkinesis and facial palsy.

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